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Anadarko Basin Oil Lease Operator

Anadarko Basin Oil and Gas Leases


Trueblood Resources has been a local niche oil and gas operator in the shelf of the Anadarko Basin for over 30 years. We started our efforts in Beaver County, OK and over the years have expanded into Ellis County, OK, Harper County, OK and Woodward County, OK.

We have leased over 100,000 acres covering numerous oil and gas plays and have established close relationships with the local landowners.

We make a special effort to communicate with all of our partners whether oil and gas operators, landowners or investors.

Oklahoma Landowner Friendships
OK Landowner Friendships
Drilling Rig Business
Drilling Rig Business
Oklahoma Landowner Leases
Oklahoma Landowner Leases

Repairing Cattle Guard on Landowners Property

Established Oil Lease Operator in Oklahoma

Trueblood Resources is an established operator in Oklahoma. Although in recent years we have focused more on prospect generation and acquisition, we maintain the internal structure and back office ability to participate in our projects in either an operator or non-operator capacity.

We bring both the technical expertise and field operating experience to each project as needed based on the investors, industry partners or other oil and gas operators with whom we joint venture.

Land Owner Discussions Oklahoma

Before Oil and Gas Leasing Trueblood Resources spends considerable time discussing the details of each project with our Mineral Owners.  Oil and Gas Geology, logistics, surface use, facilities are described in great detail in order for all parties to have a clear understanding of expectations.  Trueblood Resources also checks in with our Land and Mineral Owners as each project progresses to give them periodic updates.  Given the complex nature of finding and producing commercial reserves of oil and natural gas, projects evolve and change.  Updates are appreciated and important

In this Video John Trueblood with Trueblood Resources discusses an evolving oil and gas play with Wes and Cody Sander Chain Ranch Woodard, Oklahoma Western Shelf of the Anadarko Basin.